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Hocking Hills Area Attractions and Activities Map

You won't find this map on any other area lodging web site. Our exclusive interactive map was developed to help you make the most of your time out exploring the Hocking Hills away from your cabin. We've included all of the hot spots, and even some unique places that are relatively unknown and free of crowds. For hikers, we've published the Hocking Hills Regional Hiking Guide. This guide provides descriptions for most hiking trails in the region.

Use the map controls to Zoom In, Zoom Out and Pan. Click on a map icon for more information and/or a web site link highlighting that attraction. Many attractions are located outside of the default view, so be sure to use the Zoom and Pan tools.

Please note: Shopping and dining locations shown on the map are limited to specialty shops and full-service restaurants. We have not included fast food restaurants, convenient stores, carryouts and most non-specialty retail businesses.