Nature's Pointe

What to Expect


Our cabins are located at four secluded properties, just minutes from area attractions.


Rocky Ridge Laurel Ridge Aerial Image Our 5-acre Rocky Ridge Property is located in the scenic northern Hocking Hills atop a high ridge. Expansive forests surround the property in all directions. The cabins sits below the road a few feet in elevation and has nice views overlooking the sloping property. Downhill and located approximately 50 yards from the back of the cabin can be found an interesting 25' high sandstone cliffline. The surrounding area is lightly populated and only in non-foliage times of the years can a couple homes be seen through the trees from the property. A short driveway leads to the cabin from a paved lightly used but well maintained county road. A quaint country church and small cemetery border the south end of the cabin property.

Our 37-acre park-like Laurel Ridge property is located just 1/4 mile north of our Rocky Ridge property. This spectacular property is intersected with amazing sandstone cliffs, some as high as 40'. An extensive stand of mountain laurel grows atop the cliffs. The cabin sits near the middle of this forested property and has a beautiful view to a valley floor through a break in the cliff line. Nearly 1.0 mile of hiking trails take you above and below the cliffs. No other structures can be seen from the cabin. A short driveway leads to the cabin from a lightly used county road. A conservation easement eternally protects the unique qualities of this property.

Evergreen Aerial ImageThe Evergreen Cabin sits on a two-acre lot in a small subdivision where restrictions dictate dwellings must be of log construction. Currently, only 3 other log cabins have been built. This subdivision is carved out of a beautiful white pine plantation. White pines envelope the Evergreen Cabin on all sides and provide a screen between the cabin and a nearby road and other dwellings. A rolling, maintained lawn around the cabin allows for guests and pets alike to stretch their legs. The short dead-end paved road serving the subdivision allows for additional walking as it winds through the scenic pines. Virtually no traffic will be encountered on this road.

Trail Ridge Aerial ImageTrail Ridge Cabin is located on 6 acres of mostly wooded land and sits back 400' off a lightly traveled, narrow township road. The road is paved and mostly flat allowing for easy travel in winter. The cabin site is uphill from the road at the base of a ridge and surrounded by tall pines. The adjacent area is lightly populated. The closest house is just before the driveway and will be visible through the trees in non-foliage seasons. A hiking trail visits other parts of the property away from the cabin. At the north end of the property, a secondary driveway accesses the property and leads to a natural gas storage well. While okay for walking, the access road is off limits to vehicles.


Except for the private drives leading back to our cabins, all roads leading to us are paved. Roads become a little narrow and bumpy in spots as you get within a few miles of our properties.


Yes, our cabins are secluded but still only minutes from town and the parks. A full service grocery, post office and three family restaurants are located in Laurelville--11 miles from Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge, 6.5 miles from Evergreen and 8 miles from Trail Ridge.

Logan, the largest city in the area, is a scenic 14-mile drive from Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge, 13 miles from Evergreen and Trail Ridge.

Old Man's Cave at Hocking Hills State Park is 13 miles from Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge, 9 miles from Evergreen and Trail Ridge. Rock House and Cantwell Cliffs are both 6 miles from Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge. Evergreen is only 1.5 miles from Rock House, Trail Ridge 2.5 miles. Other park distances vary. Click here to view our interactive attractions and activities map.

All guests receive a detailed regional map and a visitors guide in their cabin. These publications will guide you to all the parks and activities throughout the area. For hikers, we've published the Hocking Hills Regional Hiking Guide. This guide provides descriptions for most hiking trails in the region.


Most guests just need to be concerned with bringing their own food and personal toiletries. The items guests most often forget are coffee, plus soap and shampoo for the shower. Here is a list of most of the consumable items we provide: dish soap, hand soap, foil, cooking spray, S&P, coffee filters, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, scrub sponge, Kleenex, trash bags, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent & dryer sheets (Laurel Ridge Only), all purpose cleaner, extra batteries, flashlights, grill lighters, note pad, pens and more. Our cabins have well-water, so some guests prefer to bring their own drinking water.

If a fire in your cabin's outdoor fire pit is planned, then you may want to bring matches and either newspapers or wax sticks to help get your blaze started. Using lighter fluid or similar accelerants is not permitted. Firewood is provided (read below).


Your privacy is important to us. We make no unannounced cabin visits or enter your cabin while you are out without first notifying you in advance. Except for longer stays requiring hot tub service, a cabin visit by one of our staff members is unlikely. However, you will be notified if we need to enter your cabin for a maintenance issue or to treat the hot tub. During your stay you may see us on the property maintaining the grounds. We try to limit these activities to the afternoon when guests are most likely to be out visiting area attractions.


Many wild critters live in the forests around our cabins. Deer, turkey, raccoons, gray fox, skunks and squirrels are the most common. Do not approach or feed wildlife. Do not leave food on decks or porches overnight as this may attract uninvited guests.


We make an effort to keep firewood stocked from April through October, weather permitting. Firewood is provided on the grounds at all of our cabins. Firewood can only be burned in existing fire pits located at each cabin. Click here to read a short how-to article on fire building.

Please note that firewood is provided as a courtesy and, based on the rate of consumption, is not guaranteed to be on site at all times. If firewood is needed during your stay and not found on site, it can be purchased locally for a minimal amount.


We suggest you bring bug spray if you plan to do a lot of hiking at the parks or deck lounging at our cabins. The Hocking Hills are no different than any other part of Ohio when it comes to mosquitoes in warm months.


Telephones are provided in each of our cabins. Rocky Ridge and Trail Ridge cabins offer free long distance, which is provided via VoIP. For Evergreen Cabin, please bring a phone card if you plan to make long distance calls. Cell phone service is spotty and not guaranteed. Evergreen and Rocky Ridge cabins experience the least reliable service.


WiFi Internet is provided at each cabin. Our Internet is satellite based. During inclement weather, service interruptions can be expected. Additionally, the service we subscribe to has monthly upload and download quotas that, if met, will reduce connection speeds. Internet at these cabins will not support heavy downloading and sending of large files, photos, videos and music, or gaming. Its intended use is general web surfing and email.


All cabins have DIRECTV. DVD players are also provided for guests wishing to bring movies.


Sorry, we can't satisfy everyone's preference when it comes to bedding. Our beds have queen-sized firm mattresses with mattress pads and standard pillows. You are more than welcome to bring your own mattress topper or pillows, if desired.


We do not provide daily housekeeping. For longer stays, we may contact you at the cabin to make arrangements to service the hot tub.


Winter weather may be a factor during your stay as we are open year-round. We plow our driveways after each significant snow event. The county and township roads you'll travel near our properties are also treated after each snow. You are most likely to encounter problems if you are traveling during the time snow is falling. Driving a four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive vehicle is preferred but is not a requirement for visiting us in winter. Overall, we experience very little problems throughout the course of a winter season with guests becoming stuck in our driveways or on the roads leading to our properties. Our Evergreen Cabin will be the easiest to reach during inclement weather as it is located closest to a major road and the driveway to the cabin is flat.


recycleNature's Pointe Cabins is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. We have taken steps to reduce energy consumption and have incorporated Earth friendly and biodegradable products into our cleaning and maintenance tasks. In our efforts to reduce waste, you may find partial rolls of toilet paper or paper towels in the holder when you arrive. Replacement rolls will be made available to you. As an additional way to reduce waste, guests are asked to bring their own shower products. We also encourage guests to reuse bath towels when practical. Although a curbside recycling program is not available in our area, we ask guests with access to a recycling program to consider recycling glass, plastic or paper waste generated during their stay.